- An iGoogle Alternative

After iGoogle shut down, I wanted another site to replace it but none of the alternatives were quite what I was looking for. Either they were too slow or just had too much junk on them. I decided a good way to work with MVC and jQuery was to try and make a better one! Well I tried and it's not bad I think.

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Trying out Zurb Foundation 4

Decided to try out the Zurb Foundation UI framework. It's clean, free, has great support for mobile and the transition was quite painless. I probably won't post again until 2014!

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New web site

Started working with ASP.NET MVC so I figured it would be pretty lame to keep using Wordpress as my blog provider. Wordpress suited my purposes at the time but with new technology like ASP.NET MVC and HTML5, I decided to build a new web site from scratch.

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